DJI Mavic Mini Launch

November 11, 2019 3 min read

It’s light,  it’s powerful and it’s extremely liberating - the Mavic Mini

We’ve been waiting for some time for a high performance drone without the requirements for licensing or registration. That time is now: introducing the new DJI Mavic Mini.

The long anticipated rumour that DJI was producing a sub 250g drone to help drone pilots fly legally without needing to acquire a licence and register with Transport Canada has come to fruition. 

But does it hold up to the hype? Well we at OmniView Tech definitely think so.

The DJI Mavic Mini is a safe, easy-to-fly DJI drone built for anyone who wants to experience the joy of flying a drone. An awesome drone for beginners and those new to the drone world because it is small, light and powerful - all without needing a licence. If you’re not familiar with the drone laws in Canada, the Mavic Mini will not require licensing and registration, based on Transport Canada’s 250 gram and above weight requirement because the Mavic Mini weighs in at just 249 grams. Yay! 

However, that is not to say you can fly as you please - you will still need to respect Transport Canada's rules and not operate the Mavic Mini is a reckless or dangerous way that may cause harm to yourself or others. 

The best part of the Mavic Mini - you don’t have to worry about looking for someone to teach you how to fly because you can just download the new DJI Fly app dedicated for the Mavic Mini.

The specs are really something for what you pay for as it comes with a 3-axis mechanical gimbal that ensures stable and smooth footage so you don’t need to be a pro. The Mavic Mini is capable of recording videos at 2.7K and capturing photos at 12MP. So with these features, you can be the pro without any training.

Some key specs are:

  • 249 grams (Ultralight)
  • Up to 30 mins of flight time and a max control distance of 4 km.
  • Built in GPS and downward vision sensors for precise hovering.
  • Auto takeoff and Return-To-Home (RTH) functions makes it really easy for beginners to fly
  • CineSmooth mode is capable of flying up to 21kph, Positioning mode will be up to 28kph and Sport Mode will go up to 46kph
  • The camera is equipped with a 1/ 2.3” sensor. 12MP 
  • Records at 2.7K @ 30p and 1080p @ 60p
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi system with a Latency of 170-240ms. LiveView quality will be 720p @30fps
  • 5.8 Ghz Frequency Band for North America enabling a 4km Max transmission range
  • GPS and Downward vision sensing system equipped
  • 4 QuickShot templates, (Dronie, Rocket, Circle and Helix)
  • CineSmooth Mode: which slows down the Mini to get smoother and more precise shots
  • RTH function automatically enable when in low battery and lost signal.
  • MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC) video format

The main reason to buy this drone would be because it’s lightweight, super easy-to-use modes and excellent value for the price point. You really can’t ask for more with the Mavic Mini because DJI has gone above and beyond to get you a high quality drone, an amazing 30 minute flight time and it’s affordable. All this tech without the added requirements of licensing let's everyone "fly as you are". 

At the end of the day, if you’re not into professional photography and videography, but you want to get into drones and want to save a few hundred bucks, this is definitely ‘the drone’ for you. 

The Mavic Mini retails for C$459 for the Standard Combo and C$599 for the Fly More Combo. Click here to order yours today from Canada's leading DJI authorized dealer.

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