July 22, 2016 2 min read

Drones are an exciting technological development which is helping to make surveillance and digital mapping more secure and efficient. In the past, drones have been limited to military use due to their sophisticated technology and high manufacturing costs. In recent years, drones have become more affordable and available for individual use. How has this shift impacted today’s business market? Here are just a few of the ways that drones are creating a positive change in the modern economy.

High Demand and Versatility

Drones can be used for many purposes, and it’s this versatility that is creating an increase in the demand for their production in the marketplace. Independent farmers and agricultural companies use drones to survey land, track the progression of crops, feed large areas of crops and protect them for disease. Photographers, filmmakers and journalists want to use drones for improved aerial documentation. Shipping and postal service companies such as Amazon are developing plans to use drones to deliver shipments to customers faster and more efficiently.

This increased demand for drones is projected to stimulate 82 billion dollars in economic growth over the next decade in the United States, and will create many new jobs in drone manufacturing and production.

Improved Safety and Ease of Use

One of the main reasons why drones have spiked in popularity is the recent development of safety and accessibility features. These technological innovations allow drones to be operated by anyone with minimal safety risks. For example, improved geo-fencing and collision avoidance technology prevent drones from crashing into airplanes, satellites, natural and manmade landscapes, and other physical obstacles that they may face in the sky.

Drones have also become simpler to operate, making them easy to incorporate into the workplace. These improved safety and accessibility features make it easier for small companies to operate drones safely.  Shipments of drones are predicted to quadruple over the next five years because of these innovations.

Drones are the future of transportation, documentation, and digital surveillance. Drone production has already started to impact today’s economy and business sector, so there’s no telling the amount of influence drones may have in the future. For more information about how drones can help your company, contact us at OmniView Tech.

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