October 06, 2017 3 min read

Unsure of which drone to buy? We made a quick and easy buyer's guide to help choose the drone best suited for your needs.

DJI has dominated the drone market and it's no surprise that they are making the best drones there are to purchase right now. We've taken the top 3 most popular DJI drones and put together this guide to help make your decision.


Capture the moment with the Phantom 4 Pro. Known as "The Flying Camera", DJI's Phantom 4 Pro takes a 20 mega-pixel camera to the skies. Perfect for professional photographers and videographers, the Phantom 4 Pro is the first DJI camera to use a mechanical aperture that eliminates rolling shutter distortion that can occur when taking images of fast moving subjects or when flying at high speeds. Capture videos up to 4K resolution at 60fps, giving viewers a top-notch cinematic experience. The capabilities of the Phantom 4 Pro extends past just photography. 30 minutes of flight time and a 6 Camera Navigation system with Flight Autonomy, the Phantom 4 pro has been in use with Real Estate (showcase homes, marquee properties, commercial buildings, and structures), Legal Services (support forensic investigations, insurance claims, and property assessments), Construction (progress reporting for commercial, residential, and civil engineering), and Land and Agriculture (progress reporting for commercial, residential, and civil engineering). Offering one of the most up-to-date and high end drone, gimbal, and camera, Phantom 4 Pro users experience the excellence and superiority DJI has to offer.


DJI's Mavic Pro is one of the most popular and successful drones on the market right now. Powerful yet portable, the Mavic Pro is perfect for travelers, urban dwellers, backpackers, hikers, and anyone else who would like a compact space-saving drone that is capable of taking stunning pictures and videos. The new design with foldable arms allows for easy transportation and fast setup, operable a remote controller or just your smart phone and the DJI GO4 app. At the folded size of a water bottle, collect your experiences with its outstanding 12 mega-pixel camera to shoot phenomenal photos and up to 4K Ultra High Definition video all stabilized with an ultra precise 3-axis gimbal. The safer smarter batteries allows for 27 minutes of flight time and flight autonomy technology to sense obstacles up to 15 metres away ensures confidence when flying in any terrain. Take the Mavic Pro wherever you go.


DJI's newest model is a drone the size of the palm of your hand that features all of DJI's signature technologies at half the price of a Mavic. If you're a casual flyer, on a budget, or just looking for something small and compact, DJI's Spark is a mini drone that allows you to seize the moment whenever you feel inspired. Simple and easy to use controls allow for quick mastery of Spark . The Quick Launch Facial Recognition control gives the user the ability to launch the drone from the palm, hand gestures allows for control without the use of a remote control or mobile device, Intelligent Flight Modes create cinematic aerial videos with programmed flight patterns, and Automatic editing templates and filtersequip users with powerful editing tools right inside the DJI GO4 App. With a 12 mega-pixel camera and 1080p video, DJI's Spark will not disappoint with its high capabilities and low price.

Still unsure which one to choose from? For any questions contact Omniview Tech at https://omniviewtech.ca/pages/contact and one of our expert technicians would be happy to help. 

The Bottom Line

If photo and video quality is your main focus, the Phantom 4 Pro is right for you.

If portability is your biggest concern, the Mavic Pro would be your best bet. 

If you are casual flyer on a budget, the Spark is the drone for you. 

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