DJI Agras MG-1S

DJI Agras MG-1 Professional Crop Sprayer

The DJI Agras MG-1 professional crop sprayer is an incredibly useful tool within the agriculture sector. When it comes to applying liquid payloads, you need a crop sprayer that has a large payload capacity that works to its maximum efficiency and accuracy. That is what we have here with the DJI Agras MG-1. It holds 10kg of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides and is capable of distributing its contents accurately over 7-10 acres of crops per hour. Its standout design also makes it easy to fold away, stow and transport.

Speed and accuracy

This sprayer is 40-60x faster than your average manual crop sprayer and can cover 4000-6000m² in just ten minutes. It also has four interchangeable application nozzles to adjust to any type of agricultural environment and offers atomized and all-rounded spraying. These nozzles are placed under the motor and offer a reach that surpasses other professional crop spraying models on the market.

The MG-1 works in real-time to offer safety features that will warn you when a tank is running low. Its operation resumption feature allows the user to know if there was a pause in the operation and saves information based on the situation to resume spraying at a specific location. It also has built-in system data protection.

Furthermore, the terrain follow function scans the terrain in real-time to adjust itself to the height of crops and the intelligent flight modes include a smart mode, manual plus mode and a manual mode so you can adjust your settings with precision and ease. Finally, the dedicated remote controller features a Lightbridge 2 transmission system that has an ultra-low latency.


The MG-1 is sealed with a triple filter system that has centrifugal cooling. This keeps dust and particles away from your equipment, increasing its resistance to corrosion and its need for maintenance. The triple filter system captures heat and continually cools the system to increase the lifespan of the motors triple fold, keeping your system working for longer than the average crop sprayer.

In terms of spray applications, the MG-1 automatically adjusts itself to accommodate its flying speed. This ensures an even and regulated amount of your liquid payload is applied to the surrounding crops avoiding wastage and pollution.

The MG-1 also has intelligent memory, which allows for it to remember its navigation paths and coordinates across the span of your field. If it stops part way through an operation due to running out of pesticides, it can be resumed from the exact spot it stopped with the touch a button!

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