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DroneDeploy subscription Canada

DroneDeploy Pro Plan for Indiviuals is the easiest and fastest solution for creating aerial maps and 3D models. With the DroneDeploy app (available on Android and iOS platforms), you can transform Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Inspire 1, and Matrice 100  drones into reliable and powerful mapping tools. The DroneDeploy app automates your flight from takeoff to landing and automatically captures photos which then can be uploaded to DroneDeploy's website for processing to create 2D maps, digital elevation models and 3D models. With powerful features like annotations, volumetric analysis, and NDVI analysis, you can turn simple imagery into powerful information that can help make better decisions for your business.

Features and unique benefits include:

  • Ease of use
  • Low cost
  • Large ROI potential vs. current options
  • Speed to results
  • Data processing
  • Integration with current modeling systems
  • Value-add implications to clients
  • Vertical application solution opportunities (agriculture, construction, mining, etc.)

DroneDeploy for business

Various Use Cases: 

Plant Health Data

Drone Deploy in Canada

3D Mapping

DroneDeploy 3D Mapping

Elevation and Surveying

DroneDeploy Elevation

Volumetric Measurements and Analysis

Volumetric measurements

Industry specific case studies: 

  1. Agriculture: Evaluating Weather Damage to Crops
  2. Construction: Comparing Actual Earthwork to Site Plans
  3. Surveying: Using Drones for Surveying
  4. Mining: Using Volume Measurements for Stockpiles