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MOZA Lite 2 Basic

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MOZA Lite 2 Basic 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal


  • Fast & Tool-less Set-up;
  • Weighs Only 1.9kg and Has Maximum Payload of 3.0kg;
  • Supports Mirrorless Cameras and Common DSLRs Including a7S, GH4 and BMPCC;
  • Pan, Tilt, and Roll Axis Stabilization;
  • Keeps Balance in the Inverted Mode without Tuning Stand;
  • Three Operation Modes: Upright, Underslung and Briefcase;
  • Quick Release System with Detachable Handle Bar;

MOZA Lite 2 Basic Overview

The MOZA 2 Lite Basic Handheld Gimbal is a camera stabilization system designed for professional filmmaking and amateur video shooting to capture smooth footage. With only 1.9Kg weight and maximum payload of 3.0kg, the gimbal can support a variety of cameras, ranging from mirrorless cameras to common DSLRs includingSony a7S, Panasonic GH4, BMPCC and Canon 5D Ⅲ.

MOZA uses built-in sensors and 3 brushless motors working on 3 axes to control the movements of pitch, tilt and roll of the camera for ultimate stabilization. The accuracy can reach up to the range of 0.02 degree.

The users can hold the gimbal in three different modes: underslung, upright and briefcase for different shooting scenarios. In addition to handheld operation, the gimbal can be used in other shooting platforms. Once removing the detachable handle bar, you can mount the MOZA to a tripod, rig, crane, and drone.


MOZA Lite 2 Basic Features:

  1. Fast Set-up: It only takes you 3 minutes to set up the gimbal;
  2. Free-stand: The gimbal can keep balance in the inverted mode without a tuning stand;
  3. Extremely lightweight at 1.9kg and has maximum payload of 3.0kg;
  4. Supports a wide range of cameras like Sony a7S, Panasonic GH4, BMPCC and Canon 5D Ⅲ;
  5. Easily adapts to a variety of shooting platforms like tripod, crane, rig and drone;
  6. Comes with MOZA App assistant for calibration and configuration adjusting;

MOZA Lite 2 Basic Specifications

Mechanical performance

Weight: 1.9kg

Maximum Payload: 3.0kg

Dimensions: 279mm x 304mm x 273mm

Ambient Temperature: -10C°~50C°

Battery Life: >2.5hrs

Supported Cameras:  Canon 5D2, Canon 5D3, Canon 6D, Canon 7D, Nikon D800, Panasonic GH3, Panasonic GH4, Sony a7S, BMPCC

Supported Lens: CANON EF 24mm f/1.4 IS USM, CANON EF 16mm-35mm f/2.8 IS USM, CANON EF 17mm-40mm f/4.0 IS USM, CANON EF 24mm-70mm f/2.8 IS USM, CANON EF 50mm f/1.4 IS USM, CANON EF 50mm f/1.2 IS USM

Controlled Angle Accuracy:±0.02°

Pan Axis Rotation Range:±360° continuously

Tilt Axis Rotation Range: 45 ±90°

Roll Axis Rotation Range: ±45°

Power Interface:  0.8A 14.8V;

Control Interface:  Mini-USB

Video Interface: HDMI in, AV out

Operation Modes: Underslung, Upright, Briefcase

S-Bus Receiver: Yes


MOZA Lite Basic In the Box: 

  • MOZA Lite 2 Gimbal
  • MOZA Intelligent Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Camera Mounting Plate

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