DJI Zenmuse XT

Zenmuse XT Thermal Imaging Cameras

Combine DJI's advanced Zenmuse gimbal stabilization system with FLIR's leading VUE Pro thermal sensor, and the Zenmuse XT thermal camera is born. There are two main features of these cameras which affects its performance and price point: 

1. Resolution:

The Zenmuse XT comes in two resolutions: 336 x 256px and 640 x 512px. Although these may seem like low resolutions, in the thermal imaging world, 640x512 is considered to be "high definition", hence why most users go with this resolution. 

2. Radiometric capability:

Distinguished between the XT and XT-R, radiometric capability allows the user to see accurate numerical temperature data of a certain area as opposed to just a different colour scheme. 

Zenmuse XTR Canada

Note: Refresh rate

You may find that these cameras come in two types of refresh rates: 9Hz and 30Hz. Simply put, we do NOT recommend the 9Hz version as the data gathered from this camera is essentially useless in post-processing, hence why you will not find them on our product line (we don't fancy selling useless products).


Post-Processing Software: ResearchIR Max

As an authorized FLIR distributor in Canada, we are proud to include a ResearchIR Max license key with the purchase of any Zenmuse XT camera. Make the most out of your thermal data with this award-winning and powerful software. 


Feel free to contact us for further information and for placing an order. Our Industrial UAV team is very knowledgeable and has been trained by FLIR Canada. 

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