3DT Scanfly V2 Ultra

Scanfly ULTRA includes the VLP-32C, Velodyne's newest long-range sensor, designed to exceed the demands of hte most challenging real-world 3D mobile mapping applications. Scanfly ULTRA weighs 1.915kg and its 32-channel sensor has a range of up to 200 meters. The sensor retains the same features as per the Scanfly family and it generates up to 1,200,000 measurements per second in double return mode. 


Weights: ~ 1.95kg
Dimensions: 225 x 131 x 102mm
Certification: IP55 / CE
Scan Rate: 1.200.000 pts/sec
Range: up to  200m
Pointcloud Accuracy: 5cm
Precision: 4cm
Int 24 gb/ up to 1TB (optional)
Interface Connection:

Scanfly Web-app 
Smart Processing Lidar
Smart Survey Scanfly


 Power Supply Voltage 12-24 VDC
Power Consumption

< 40W

Operating Temperature

-10 + 40 C

Quick Release Mounting Plate


Optional Mounting Kit

Car / Backpack


Laser Scanner

 Laser Class 1 (wavelength 903 nm)  


Recommend AGL


Rotation Rate

5-20 Hz

Number of Return


Scanner Orientation

user adjustable (0-30-60-90) degrees


Integrated Sensor

Number of Receivers/ Antennas 2
Constellation GPS / Glonass (optional) (L1/L2)
Operation Mode RTK (optional) / PPK
Rate 100 Hz - 250 Hz ( optional)
Accuracy Roll/Pitch/Heading 0, 05 degree
RGB Cameras (Optional)
Sensor 5-12 Mpx global shutter camera
Number of Cameras 1 or 2
External Camera Integration of 3rd party mirrorless cameras



What's Included:

  • Laser scanner Velodyne VLP-32C (32 profiles, 200m range) x 1

  • Antennas for GNSS receiver (2m cables) x 2

  • Power Supply x 1

  • USB-Stick with documentation, manuals and software x 1

  • Multipurpose cable x 1

  • Quick Mount adapter x 1

  • General Maintenance (Firmware updates) - 1st year included x 1

  • SmartProcessing Lidar Software License x 1

  • Wifi kit x 1

  • Lan adapter x 1

  • Allen Keys Kit x 1

  • Carry case x 1