Chasing M2/Pro/Max - Docking Station

Multi-interface Docking Station

The multi-interface docking station is an exclusive advanced accessory custom-developed for CHASING M2 PRO ROV. It enables that multiple accessories can be mounted on the ROV at the same time, meeting the needs of different scenarios.


7-Interfaces-layout Supports Simultaneous Mounting of Multiple Accessories

The docking station with 7-interface design can be used to expand advanced accessories such as AC power supply system, auxiliary cameras, laser scaler, multi-beam sonar, USBL positioning system, floodlight and other advanced accessories to meet your needs for simultaneous use of multiple accessories.

Fixed Collocation, Combined Use

The three accessories of USBL positioning system, multibeam sonar, and auxiliary camera must be used together with the docking station to work on the ROV.