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DJI Mavic Mini Remote Control and Case - Certified Pre-Owned

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DJI Mavic Mini Remote Control and Case - Certified Pre-Owned

Item #: 99417

Includes : 

  • Original Case
  • Remote controller
  • RC Cables

This small foldable, unmanned aircraft will weigh in at 249 grams which will put it right below the 250 gram weight limit based on Transport Canada requirements, it means you will not have to obtain a license to fly.

Though it is small, the Mavic Mini is still equipped with a 3-axis mechanical gimbal that ensures stable and smooth footage. Currently the maximum video resolution supported by most video apps is 1080p. The Mavic Mini is capable of recording videos at 2.7K and capturing photos at 12MP.

  • 4 built in QuickShot Mode Templates for creating cinematic clips. Perfect for beginners.
  • It will get up to 30 mins of flight time without having to pack extra batteries and has a maximum control distance of 4 km.
  • Cinematic mode is capable of flying up to 21kph, Positioning mode will be up to 28kph and Sport Mode will go up to 46kph
  • The camera is equipped with a 1/ 2.3” sensor. 12MP 
  • 2.7K @ 30p and 1080p @ 60p
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi system with a Latency of 170-240ms
  • LiveView quality will be 720p @30fps
  • 5.8 Ghz Frequency Band for North America enabling a 4km Max transmission range
  • GPS and Downward vision sensing system equipped
  • Multiple templates, special effects, music options, and more are available for quick and convenient editing. With intuitive timelines, you can edit footage flexibly and precisely. Even beginners with no editing experience can create cinematic videos in minutes and be edited and shared quickly on Social Media.