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DJI OM 4 Magnetic Ring Holder

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DJI OM 4 Magnetic Ring Holder

Snap your smartphone onto OM 4 quickly and easily thanks to the magnetic ring holder.


Magnetically attach your phone to DJI OM 4;

Attach to the back of smartphone;

Decorative design.


Once attached, no additional balancing is needed;

Quickly mount your phone onto OM 4 or take it off easily to answer a call or reply to a message;

Decorative design is etched into the ring holder;

Hold your phone more securely and also use it as a mobile phone stand.


The DJI OM Magnetic Ring Holder contains magnets. Please keep it away from magnetic cards, IC cards, pacemakers, hard disks, RAM chips, and other objects that are subject to interference.

In The Box

DJI OM Magnetic Ring Holder × 1


Weight: 11.4 g

Diameter: 33.5 mm

Thickness: 2.7 mm

Compatible phone weight: 230 g ± 60 g