Enhanced Performance

- 50% improved motor performance over Ronin-SC
- Titan Stabilization Algorithm offers unrivaled smoothness
- Compatible with most widely used camera brands
- Control start/stop and follow focus, and adjust
parameters like ISO and aperture directly on RSC 2

Redesigned to Define Your Shot

- Quickly transition between six configurations:
Upright, flashlight, portrait, underslung, briefcase, storage
- Built-in front dial for focus improves single-hand control
- 1-inch screen for parameter adjustments
- Axis locks and D-ring camera screws for fast, tool-free setup
- Double-layer quick-release plates compatible with
Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss

Creative Features

- SuperSmooth: Offers added stability when using lenses at
up to 100mm equivalent focal length [3]
- ActiveTrack 3.0: Select and follow a subject on the Ronin app
- RavenEye: Remote gimbal control and FHD live view
- Force Mobile | 3D Roll 360 | Track | Timelapse | Panorama

Optimized for Accessories

- Low-Angle Shooting: Briefcase Handle
- Heavy Payload Scenarios: Ronin Twist Grip Dual Handle
- Focus Control: Ronin Focus Motor
- Monitoring: RavenEye Image Transmission System