The DroMight™ Football Is Compatible With Any Device That Can Deliver HDMI Output

  • 10+ Hours of Continuous Use
  • 15.6” Display
  • HDMI-in Port
  • Built-in to a Durable Hard Case
  • Extra Storage Space

The DroMight™ Football is designed for drone operators who need to share their display with crew members, observers, customers and team members. The DroMight™ Football case is light weight, simply to use and incorporates a built in battery power system that makes the unit truly portable. The DroMight™ Football is compatible with any device that can deliver HDMI output including a drone controller, video transmitter, game console, and any other device that has "HDMI Out".


10+ Hours of Continuous Use

The Football remote viewing case can endure the longest of missions, providing your crew with an unobstructed view of the drone's camera for hours.  


15.6" Display

A large display gives your crew a cleared view of the drone's camera creating better situational awareness.


HDMI-in Port

Use the Football with any device that has an HDMI output including drones, laptops, and even gaming consoles.


Built-in to a Durable Hard Case

The Football viewing station is built-in to a light-weight, durable hard case making it easy to take with you anywhere. 


The DroMight™ Football display case closed

The Football viewing station has a side compartment with two layers of pick and plug foam for storing all of your cables and extra accessories for your drone.