Drone Show Software

Drone Show Software

Drone Show Software (DSS) by SPH Engineering is the only commercially available software for drone swarm flight path management and payload control. It features 2D and 3D views, the ability to run shows in simulations, a plugin to transform 3D animations into drone flight paths, a detailed telemetry overview, and many more.

Integration options

Drone shows can be performed as manually managed stand-alone performances or integrated into other complicated shows. DSS software supports manual integration (by setting an exact start time of the dance) and timecode machine (SMPTE standard).

Manage 1,000+ drones

Drone Show Software licenses start from 20. 1,000 and more drones can be controlled simultaneously with DSS.

Demonstrate your idea

Drone Show Software features an in-built simulator that enables the demonstration of the planned show choreography to investors, event directors, and key decision-makers.

DSS software supports drones with Pixhawk-based flight controllers. We work directly with global manufacturers to ensure full compatibility and high-performance standards.

Consult with us, which drones will suit your venue and weather conditions.