Evolve Dynamics Sky Mantis

Evolve Sky Mantis

Evolve Dynamics design, develop, and manufacture the mission-specific drone, Sky Mantis. The Sky Mantis is widely deployed with police forces, fire services, energy inspection, search and rescue organizations, and UK’s Ministry of Defense.


Key Features

Locate People and Wildlife

Find people or animals in the dark or camouflaged.

30x Optical Zoom

You can ID people and vehicle's plate numbers from up to 300 meters away. Identify weapons, vehicles and more from 1 kilometer away. 

Immediate & Comprehensive Awareness

Gain Immediate and comprehensive situational awareness with a clear view from above. 

Find Missing Persons or Suspects

Autonomous, sensing auto pilot system. Powerful visual awareness, orientation, and collision avoidance capabilities.

Fire Progress

Assess fire progress, levels, and locations in close up details. 

Building Hot Spots

Quickly locate building hot spots, including roofs.


Provide overwatch without being seen or heard from 600 meters or more.

Security Perimeter Inspections

Carry out inspections with a waypoint flight plan.

 Structural Inspections

You can conduct both aerial and ground inspections thanks to our front mounted gimbal.