Fixar 007


FIXAR 007 is a vertical takeoff and landing commercial drone with primary application in Aerial Photography, Monitoring, UAV Mapping & Surveying, Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, and Agricultural sectors.

The intuitive approach to working with the ground control station makes it possible for anyone to use the FIXAR 007. With inertial orientation, FIXAR 007 can work stably under magnetic anomalies and in the event of satellite loss.


Reasons to Choose FIXAR 007:

•   Professional drone with vertical take-off and landing
•   Simplicity and reliability due to the lack of complex mechanisms
•   Fully autonomous flight from take-off to landing
•   Protection of user information
•   Low maintenance costs
•   A wide range of modifications
•   Own production of hardware and software
•   FIXAR 007 is a reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective professional drone


Payload Options:

MICASENSE REDEDGE-MX - Multispectral Camera
PARROT SEQUOIA - Multispectral Camera
SKY EYE-T50 3-AXIS - Gimbal for thermal Camera with 50mm lens
LiDAR - Long-range LiDAR sensor for high resolution 3D Models
SONY DSC-RX1 - Camera. 42.4 MP, 35 mm lens 
SONY A6000 - Camera. 24 MP, 20mm lens
DSMK1800 - Replaceable module with dispenser for application of biological plant protection products.

Performance Characteristics:

Flight Preparation Less than 5 minutes
Maximum Payload 2000 g
Wing Span 1540 mm
Maximum Speed 27 m/s
Cruising Speed 19 m/s
Ascension Rate 5-10 m/s
Flight Time 60 min
Maximum Flight Range 25 km
Maximum Flight Distance 60 km
Wind Resistance in Vertical Flight
12 m/s
Operating Temperature from -30 to +60о
Case Dimensions 95.5 * 69 * 36.5 cm
Case Weight with Equipment 26 kg