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UAV Flight Training – Beginner (Level 1)

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UAV Flight Training – Beginner (Level 1)

  • UAV Flight Training – Beginner  – is a hands-on flight course covering basic flight skills for UAV pilots.
  • Students bring THEIR OWN Drone aircraft to class
  • The class size is limited to 6 pilots to ensure adequate flight instruction time.

Main Topics include:

  • UAV System Specifications
  • Flight Operation Documents
  • Battery Handling
  • Equipment Handling
  • Flight Skills

*Footage captured during flight practice are analyzed by flight instructor with feedback and guidance provided*


  • Total 8 Hours over a 1  Day period.
  • Please check the online Events Calendar for availability
  • The Course is delivered at an outdoor UAV Flight Training Field in Guelph, 45 minutes from Toronto.
  • 8 Hours Flight Instructor Session:  8 Hour/Session; includes 1 hour Flight Exam.
  • Final Exam is a 1 hour flight exam conducted by flight instructor.
  • The following are covered in the flight exam:
  • Perform Setup; Initialization and Calibration of the UAV
  • Basic Flight Maneuvers (Take-Off/Landing in non-GPS Assist Mode; Basic Movements; Straight Line; Position Hold; etc)
  • Ability to switch between all available Flight Modes while in-flight
  • Record a Video Sequence and Photos following the Flight Instructor’s request
  • Perform Fly-Home(RTH) or other Functions available on the UAV system to assist Auto Fly Functions
  • Utilize Flight Operation Documents.
  • Students are to bring their own drones and also required to contact Clarion to approve their UAV model prior to the course

The follow models do not require approval:

  • DJI Phantom 3 Pro /Adv
  • Phantom 4; Phantom 4 Pro /Adv
  • Inspire 1 (X3, X5, X5R)
  • Inspire 2 (X4S, X5S)
  • Matrice M200/M210


  • No pre-requisite is required.


  • UAV Flight Training outdoor operations are weather dependent!
  • By registering for this course you are confirming that you will be available for all dates including backup dates.

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