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AGX710 Gimbaled Sensor for Matrice 200 Series - Multispectral

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Sentera’s gimbal-stabilized AGX710 delivers exceptional agronomic intelligence to the DJI MATRICE™ 200 and 210. Powered by DJI SKYPORT™, AGX710 offers live video and still image download, and full gimbal control.

Agriculture professionals need immediate, accurate crop and field performance information. AGX710, powered by DJI SKYPORT, offers real-time spectral and vision-based status measurements that deliver scouting information to support current workflows. On M210 dual-gimbal configurations, combine AGX710 with a ZENMUSE™ XT to add simultaneous thermal-band collection on the same flight. AGX710 is fullycompatible with Sentera FieldAgent™ analysis, reporting,  and API integrations to offer the best combination of connected and connectionless imaging and analytics capabilities.


  • Efficiently capture relevant health indices, variants include: RGB, NDVI, NDRE, and nearly a dozen other specialized index products
  • Actively scout fields with live-streaming video options
  • Quickly integrate with DJI M200 and M210 drone series using Lock-and-Go gimbal technology
  • Seamlessly flow data to FieldAgent Web, Mobile, and Desktop platform; generate shapefiles, support prescription development, and telematics integration
  • AGX710 includes 12 months of the FieldAgent Platform


Sentera’s AGX710 Gimbaled Sensor is powered by DJI SKYPORT™ - the key to seamless integration with any DJI MATRICE™ 200 Series drone. SKYPORT compliance allows for full control of the AGX710 using DJI Pilot, Sentera FieldAgent™, or any compliant flight app.




The FieldAgent Platform is a complete agricultural data analytics solution that provides deep, actionable insights. Coupled with a Sentera AGX710 Gimbaled Sensor, FieldAgent takes you beyond aerial photos into meaningful data products with actual economic value. Sentera analytics around stand and emergence, variability, biomass, nutrition, pest, weed, and disease status are compatible with AGX710 imagery