Mavic 2 - Wet Suit


The Mavic 2 Pro/ Zoom Wet suit allows you to take your Mavic 2 to new heights.


How it works!


Closed Cell Neoprene Wesuit

Stops pouring water from getting inside the drone. Provides Luxurious cover that protects and enhance the function of your drone. Creates a beautiful and distinctive look for your drone.

See it in action!

Compression Band

Prevents Water and debris from getting inside the drone. Plugs fold in when the legs are closed.

4 Prop Covers

Stops water and debris from getting inside. Secures the props in tightly.

Catch Pad

Provides a non slip squeezable surface for a more secure one hand catch.

Enhanced vent protectors

Prevents water from entering the drone when flying.

Water Resistant Battery Seal

Seals the battery Air Tight - prevents water from getting inside the battery compartment.


Water Resistant Surge Mask

2mm Neoprene protects the lower housing of the drone.

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