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Phantom 4 Series Wet Suit



With the Wet suit for the Phantom 4 Series you can do things that were not possible before.

How it Works

Closed Neoprene Wetsuit

Stops purinig water form getting inside the drone. Provides a luxurious cover that protects and enhances the function of your drone. Also creates a beautiful and distincitive look for your drone.

Easy install: no tools required.

Water Tight Battery Seal

Provides a very water resistant seal for battery housing Secures batterry stays inside the drone.

Water Resistant Compression Prop and Vented rings

Locks and secures the props and stays on. Vented rings stops water seeping into top base of the drone.

Water Resistant Gimbal Ring

Protects the underside of the drone from fatal water intakes

Landing Gear Supports

Adds critical support to the electronic housings clips and prevents cracks and water leakage. Stops the leg clips from falling off.

Storm Surge Protection Mask

Stops water from seeping into the vents of the drone.