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DJI PSDK Mounting Bracket for Matrice 30 Series Drone

The PSDK Mounting Bracket can attach payloads onto the Matrice 30 series platform, and different types of PSDK payloads can be quickly removed and replaced. The PSDK Mounting Bracket consists of two parts, fixed bracket (attach on the flight platform) and payload bracket (installed on the PSDK payload), the bracket is designed with dual slide rails, which can be locked by pushing the PSDK payload, and unlocked by pressing a button. The material is made of aluminum alloy, which not only ensures that the structure is light enough, but also provides a safety guarantee for the flight with payload.

DJI PSDK Mounting Bracket Features

  • One button to unlock, quickly replace different types of PSDK loads
  • Compatible with Matrice 30 Series Drone