Sky Hero Little - AS IS

Sky Hero Little - AS IS

As is: Our technicians DO NOT certify non-DJI drones. However the drone seems to be in working condition.

Item #: 9951




Package Includes

  • Pixhawk + Dragon link system
  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • E-Props
  • Extra Canopy - Canada Flag
  • Hobbywing ESCs
  • Top of the line Motors
  • High quality components

The Sky Hero "Little" Spyder ARF (almost ready to fly) quadcopter is the closest you can get to professional flying in a 450 class frame. The "Little" series brings the same stellar design and award winning quality of the larger professional Spy and Spyder series to the hobby masses.

Whether you're interested in just flying a reliable quadcopter, or flying FPV (first person view), or maybe even if you're after gimbal drone photography, the "Little" Spyder will meet your needs.

With foldable arms, the "Little" Spyder is easy to pack away for convenient transport.

So what so special about this machine?

  • Foldable- Easy to transport and take it with you.
  • Gimbal ready, Mount your Zenmuse or other gimbal with Action cam
  • Strong 30mm Arms- this is a solid construction compared to any other models. Most of ESC can go inside.
  • Covered battery space- more secure, and more appealing.
  • Motor frames - Strong fiber reinforced Plastic mounts, accepting up to 35mm motors.
  • Little brother to the famous Sky hero Spyder, but smaller- Compact, and sexy
  • Quick release landing gear Included- can be flown with or without.


  • Lighter 1.2 mm carbon frame
  • 30 mm booms for internal ESCs
  • Intertic for easy FPV action cam setup


For sure you want to know a bit more info about this model.
This is a response to customers questions
Here are some facts which you might or not know already,

1- What motor can it take?
A: From 28-35mm, Phantom size motor works perfect, and 35mm motors with around 950kv will be the power house.

2- Props size?
A: 10-11", however 11" is a maximum size this machine can take (without canopy), we really recommend the 10"

3-What lipo can i use?
A: 3S 5000 UP TO 4S 3700, with the size of 29x50x145mm.

4- What esc can fit in?
A: 40 Amps Sky hero will be included in the FCR version, and
any 40-50 amps with size less than 28mm will enter the arms. otherwise it have to be located in the body.

5- What is the weight of the machine?
Barebone Chassis only is 480 Grams, the FCR version is 1130 grams, not including Flight controller and Battery.
480gr is not the lightest machine, but definitely a solid one.

6- What Flight controller recommended?
A: Naza, Multiwii, Pixhawk.. basically any thing goes..

7- What is the flying time we can expect?
A: Tests done with 10" props, Go pro, 28mm motors- gave clean 14 min of flying.

8-Angle banks can be seen on the image, what is it for?
A: those are 15 degree banks, which are an option, and can be a good fit for FPV and normal flying, it will increase the angle of attack when flying.

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