Pass The Basic  Drone Pilot Exam With Flying Colors


Introducing our Basic Online Bundle: Enroll today and get everything you need to complete your Basic Pilot Certificate. 


Get Certified and Fly Safely - Fly Confidently – Fly Legally.


Anyone flying a drone that weighs more than 250 grams is required by Transport Canada to pass a pilot certification exam. 


The Coastal Drone Basic Online Bundle prepares you to pass the exam and receive your BASIC Pilot Certification. It also teaches you what you need to know to be a safe, confident drone pilot anywhere in Canada. 


Fly for Fun or for Work


The Basic Online Bundle is ideal for drone pilots looking to get into flying drones for fun or for business purposes. 


If the following points are true, the Basic Bundle is a fit for you:


- You plan on flying more than 5 km away from airports 

- You will always fly your drone more than 30 meters away from people

- You never fly your drone overhead people

- You want to pass Transport Canada’s RPAS Basic Exam 

- You want to feel confident and safe when flying your drone


Note: If you will be flying closer than 5 km to any airports or closer than 30 meters to people, please check out our Advanced courses


What’s Included?


The Basic Online Bundle Includes the following modules: 

1)    RPAS Ground School | Basic


This two-hour online course will give you a comprehensive overview of the skills and abilities needed to be a drone pilot, and help you prepare for Transport Canada’s RPAS Basic Exam which you will need to pass in order to start flying legally. 

To simulate an intimate teaching experience, RPAS Ground School | Basic uses high-end video and animations, giving you the benefit of being in a classroom setting without having to leave your home. 


2)    Exam Prep | Basic


Passing the certification exam with confidence is what every drone pilot wants to do. 


Taking our Exam Prep | Basic course will give you a good idea of the types of questions you can expect, and will give you some additional resources to help you prepare for the exam. 

You can simulate the exam as many times as you need to feel comfortable before writing the real Transport Canada exam. Our students find this to be an essential part of their training and we know you will too. 

3)    Standard Operating Procedures Guide (SOPs)


Professional pilots always use checklists and standard operating procedures (SOPs). 


To make things easier for you, we’ve created easy to use SOPs you can follow every time you fly to ensure safety and peace of mind. 



Get Certified and & Start Flying Safely and Confidently 


  • Learn From the Best: Your instructor is a world class drone pilot expert and a trusted authority on the Canadian rules and regulations. 
  • Ace The Exam: the Transport Canada exam is no joke! Our Basic Online Bundle will give you the preparation, practice, and confidence you need to pass the exam with flying colors.
  • Take Your Skills to the Next Level: Included in this bundle is RPAS Ground School | Basic which teaches you everything you need to know to fly in a variety of conditions. It also covers the recent law changes and gives you insight into best practices around proper care and maintenance for your drone so you’re always ready to fly.
  • Have fun! Getting certified means you can start flying your drone legally, and capturing photos and videos while abiding by the rules set out by Transport Canada. 
  • You’ll be in Good Company: We have over 7000 enrolments into our courses!  Join them today.



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