MATRICE 300 SERIES - TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery

The Matrice 300 TB60 Battery provides up to 55 minutes of Maximum flight time (2x Batteries required per flight). Featuring a hot-swap design, the TB60 batteries can be ejected from the Matrice 300 one at a time thus saving time involved in powering down the aircraft and starting back up in critical missions.

Approximate Payload dependent flight times are as follows:

M300 RTK + XT S: 48 minutes
M300 RTK + XT S: 48 minutes
M300 RTK + Z30: 46 minutes
M300 RTK + XT2: 45 minutes
M300 RTK + H20: 45 minutes
M300 RTK + H20T: 43 minutes
M300 RTK + H20 + XT S: 40 minutes
M300 RTK + H20 + XT2: 39 minutes


  • Matrice 300 RTK 
  • Matrice 350 RTK (Battery & Battery Station need update)

*Mixing of different propellers & batteries is prohibited