Chasing CM 600


CHASING CM600 is a robotic pool cleaner independently developed by CHASING INNOVATION for private pool, public pool, commercial pool, and other scenarios. 

Controlling the cleaning process with an APP makes pool cleaning effortless. Supported by CHASING S-Clean and S-Climb technologies, CM600 can easily handle various pool shapes and pool wall climbing. The brushless motor, dual filter pump, and dual active brush can ensure thorough, effective, and reliable pool cleaning works. 

The multiple strainers can filter impurities accurately, and the filter bag is extra large. The anti-tangle cable can minimize possible troubles and risks happened during pool cleaning. The Pick-up Mode allows you to remove CHASING CM600 quickly and easily from a pool.

CHASING CM600 gives you smart, thorough, and effortless pool cleaning experiences, bringing limpidity back to your beloved pool.